Learn about nectar and host plants and bring home milkweed seeds to help the local monarchs!

Support the butterfly cause  by  populating your garden with milkweed seeds.



Let NYC Butterfly bring the excitement of butterflies into your school’s classroom! 

Live butterflies are brought into the class and their complicated lives are revealed and explained using amusing props like the ‘butterfly costume’. Students will have a chance to feed butterflies and watch them eating.

In this highly entertaining and hands on session among many other thing, the students
will learn about:

• The life cycle of butterflies
• How butterflies breathe
• Why butterflies see 200 times more than us
• What is the smallest and largest butterfly
• How far can butterflies fly
• How long do butterflies live
• Butterfly jargon words like “spiracles’ and “proboscis”
Students will also find out about many other fascinating facts.
A question and answer time is a part of every presentation.

Chrysalis Kits and Caterpillar Kits can be provided at discounted price.

The cost:
$340 for 1-hour presentation.   Three or more presentations are only $200 each.
Kindergartens & preschools – $240 for 60 minute presentation.  Max 25 students per class.

Extra  fee of $35 applies for locations outside of the 15 mile radius of the North Jersey zone and $50 for locations 30 miles away from Paramus to cover travel cost and time.  For more remote locations please talk to us and we will work something out.

Large compound eyes provide a 360* view.


Butterflies tend to be most active on clear, sunny days.

Butterflies breathe

through pores on their sides.

Let NYC Butterfly bring the excitement of butterflies into your school’s classroom!